PCOD with Homoeopathy

PCOD is a common disorder occurring in females between age group of 15 to 45 years. It is one of the leading cause of infertility. It comprises of set of symptoms due to high level of male hormones (androgens), resulting in irregular usually delayed menses, obesity, excessive facial and body hair (hirsutism), even acne and hair loss. Ultrasound reports multicystic ovaries or even ovarian cysts. Hormone Prolactin is raised in some cases.
Homoeopathy offers an excellent option to treat PCOS as usually young girl are put on hormonal therapy for long time. Homoeopathic medicine not only recognise the menstrual cycle by stimulating normal ovarian function, it leaves a permanent effect so infertility does not occur.
Homoeopathic medicine have no side effects, so this pathy should be tried before administering birth control pills in young girls. Furthermore, homoeopathic medicines can even cure ovarian cysts. Hence, this option should be tried before going for surgical removal as this phenomenon is recurrent