Gall Bladder Stones: A Treatment by Homoeopathy

Gall Bladder is a small organ located on the underside of the liver; it stores and concentrates bile produced in liver to facilitate digestion mainly of fats. When the chemical combination of Cholesterol, Calcium bilirubinate and Calcium carbonate gets disturbed, stones are formed.
Most of GB stones stay silent and are discovered accidentally by USG; sometimes they give severe colic pain in right hypochondrium extending upto back along with vomiting and hyperacidity.
Treatment: Apart from complete removal of gall bladder by surgery, Homoeopathic offers relevant alternative which dissolves stones in a gentle way and restore the normal physiology of GB. Hence, once dissolved there is no occurrence in formation of stones.
It has been observed that homoeopathic treatment is successful in cases having small size and few number of Calculi and sometimes solitaire upto size of 10-15 mm. Treatment by Homoeopathy also serves patient from having post-operative complications such as burping, hyperacidity, indigestion etc.